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Math Tutor| Maths Tuition Rugby  – Are you looking for a Math Tutor?
A Star Tutors offers maths tuition in Rugby at all levels from KS1 to A Level and are typically asked to help with topics such as

KS2 – Fractions, decimals

GCSE – Algebra, data handling, percentages

A level – Simultaneous equations, area

As a student of A Star Tutors, you will be given regular assessments to measure progress and identify any new skill gaps.

We offer specific help for GCSE Maths Tuition and A-level Maths Tuition All our tutors at A Star Tutors take their time to find out exactly where students are in their studies, our tutors are familiar with all aspects of the subject and qualifications.

If there are certain areas of mathematics that your child is struggling with, our tutors can focus on these during their maths tuition time with us. Alternatively, our tutors can act as a great backup to your child’s time at school, offering the time and attention needed to ensure your child reaches his or her full potential.


Because maths can be a difficult subject for some students, our tutors understand that patience is needed and adopt a careful, patient approach.

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